Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Lets Party till We Drop!!!

Well, anyone wanna party the whole day? I sure do cuz with the new changes implemented after JUMP patch, you will just be asking for more... Party Quests ( PQs ) are now one of the fastest way to lvl up ( not sure if characters above lvl 120 will be as fast as low lvl characters ). PQs used to be boring with nothing attractive enough; lousy rewards and less exp, but now the rewards are just too cool plus it gives a % of exp that will make you wants more. Imagine lvl up once every 3/4 Romeo and Juliet pq at lvl 100++ ( though is a bit long ). The monsters lvl inside each PQs will be adjusted to your party average lvl. For instance, if u got a party of 4 people with lvls 51, 63, 55, and 60, then the monsters lvl will be 57. So make sure you party low lvl players or you add more people into your party or you will be facing a hard time killing those monsters and I seriously mean it. Make sure to call me along when you are having parties...Cuz I will be joining!!!

Heres the link to the new revamp PQs!

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Jump/Ascension Patch!!!

Are you ready to JUMP? (quoted from MapleSEA). As expected the patch has finally arrived. Again, BIG changes has been imposed; revamp in character skills (Warrior, Archer & Mage only), new events and most importantly....maps like Castle Walls (Von Leon Castle) no longer has Party Play Bonus EXP system. Which mean you won't recieve additional EXP even if you have a party of 6 people. Yup it will just be a normal map. That's pathetic. I mean, well, that's one of the places where high level characters would have went to train and now they make it a normal map. So I guess now training for high level characters will be hard once again but there is always hidden cards inside Nexon...we might lose this Party Play Bonus EXP system now but maybe in the future they might come up with something similar or better ^^ who knows. Anyway here are some changes in this patch:

1. [Game Content] Class Balance Adjustment

Soul Master Skill Revamp
-Power Strike: Damage % has been increased.
-Slash Blast: Damage % has been increased.
-Soul Blade: Maximum number of enemies it can hit has been reduced to 5. Attack range has also been increased.
-Self-Recovery: “MP Recovery Rate Enhancement” skill has been changed to “Self-Recovery”.
•The effects of Self-Recovery are applied even during battle.
-Panic: Cooldown applied, but maximum enemy targets and damage have been increased.
•Only 2 Combo Counts are used upon usage.
•Panic’s Darkness effect now also applies to boss monsters.
•Attack range has been increased.
-Coma: Damage has been increased and only 1 Combo Count is used upon usage.
•Coma’s Knock Down effect does not wear off during its duration.
•Attack range has been increased.
-Brandish: Starting Skill Lv. 1, it can hit up to 3 enemies.
Flame Wizard Skill Revamp
-Magic Claw(1st Job Advancement) : Max targeted number has been increased.
-Fire Pillar(2nd Job Advancement) : damage and range has been increased.
-Element Amplification : MP consumption increase has been reduced
-Fire Strike (3rd Job Advancement) : Changed to 3 consecutive hit skill, damage and max effective range has been increased
-Elemental Resistance(3rd Job Advancement) : Has been removed.
-Magic Critical (3rd) : New Skill that permanently increases the Critical rate and Critical minimum damage.
Wind Breaker Skill Revamp
-Archer Mastery (1st Job Advancement): New skill that increases attack range, movement speed, Accuracy, Avoidability, and increases the maximum movement speed limit.
-Double Jump (2nd Job Advancement): New skill that allows the character to jump forward twice consecutively.
-Storm Spike (2nd Job Advancement): New skill that fires a piercing arrow to the front.
-Concentrate (3rd Job Advancement): New skill that increases Attack Power and decreases MP consumption amount for a set time.
-Dodge (3rd Job Advancement): New skill that permanently increases Avoidability and turns all attacks used within 1 second after dodging into critical attacks.
-Double Shot (1st Job Advancement): Damage has been increased.
-Strafe (2nd Job Advancement): Has been changed into a 2nd Job Advancement skill. Master level has been lowered from 25 to 20.
-Wind Walk (2nd Job Advancement): Master level has been lowered from 20 to 10.
-Puppet (3rd Job Advancement): Master level has been lowered from 20 to 15. When the Puppet is summoned, monsters now always attack the puppet first.
-Arrow Rain (3rd Job Advancement): Attack speed and hit range have been increased. Has been changed into a 3-hit attack skill.
-Focus (1st Job Advancement): Has been removed.
-Storm Break (2nd Job Advancement): Has been removed.
-Thrust (2nd Job Advancement): Has been removed.

2. [Game Content] Mount Skill Revamp

Starting from 8th February 2012 after the JUMP patch, existing and newly learned mount skills will be moved to the new Mount Tab. By launching the skill tab you will see a new option called “Mount”.

3. [Game Content] Party Quest Revamp

New Party Quests
1. The Ice Knight’s Curse: ( Recommended Level : Level 30-69 )
2. Kenta in Danger: ( Recommended Level : Level 120 onward )
3. Escape: Lv. ( Recommended Level : Level 120 onward )
Recommended Level System
Recommended level system has been added to Party Quests. With this addition feature, the level requirement for the existing 9 Party Quests have been modified.
•Moon Bunny’s Rice Cake: (Recommended Level : Level 20-69 )
•First Time Together: (Recommended Level : Level 20-69 )
•Dimensional Crack: (Recommended Level : Level 20-69 )
•Forest of Poison Haze: ( Recommended Level : Level 70-119 )
•Remnant of the Goddess: ( Recommended Level : Level 70-119 )
•Romeo and Juliet: ( Recommended Level : Level 70-119 )
•Lord Pirate: ( Recommended Level : Level 70-119 )
•Resurrection of the Hoblin King: ( Recommended Level : Level 120 onward )
•Dragon Rider: ( Recommended Level : Level 120 onward )
Daily 20% Exp Bonus

A party quest will be randomly chosen and recommended daily, Maplers will be awarded with additional of 20% EXP when they have completed the recommended party quest. New Exchange Reward for Dragon Rider Party Quest
image imageimageimage
From now on boss mob “Dragon Rider” will now drop a new token call “Sky Scale”. Upon receiving the “Sky Scale”, head to NPC Matada at Crimson Sky Dock to exchange for a tablet.

For more details on this patch, kindly refer back to MapleSEA official website. The link is here.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Forget bout IceKnight ??

I'm sorry that I forget to post out the patch note about Ice Knight, but anyway .. this is it

MapleSEA Version 1.12: Chaos: The Ice Knight patch.

1. [Game Content] Super Fight!: Ice Knight mode
Do you have what it takes to take on 9 players in a 1 versus 9 PvP match? Now is the chance for you to show your skills as we will be having the Ice Knight mode in Super Fight!

Arena of the Ice Knight
Challenge: Achieve a score of 200 or more while playing as the Ice Knight
Reward: One Gallant Emblem

Ice Knight 500
Challenge:Achieve a score of 500 or more while playing as the Ice Knight.
Reward: One Iceman Transformation Potion and One Gallant Emblem

The Ice Knight’s Curse
Challenge: Log in between 1400hrs – 1500hrs(+8 GMT) and locate the Curse Knight in Henesys to accept the Ice Knight’s Curse challenge.
Reward: Ice Knight Medal

- Usually the ice knight have the highest score .. or the party I had for IK is noob 0.o

2. [Game Content] Super Fight!: Capture the Flag mode (23/11/2011 – 08/02/2012)
Have you ever wanted to try out a brand new team match in Super Fight? With the new Capture the Flag PvP mode, you can now form a team of minimum 3 players and participate in the Capture the Flag mode.

- I have not try this personally ( not interested )

3. [Game Content] Wedding Commitment
Attention all married couple! Have you ever wanted to re-new your wedding vows with your loved ones? The chance is here with the new Wedding Commitment content.

- For more info; go to this link

4. [System Event] Inkwell and the Red Buttons Event (23/11/2011 – 21/12/2011)
From 23/11/2011 till 21/12/2011, monsters all over MapleSEA will be dropping Ice Cubes. Collect the Ice Cubes piece and purchase a Microwave image from the Cash Shop to melt the Ice Cubes.

You will received a Red Button and a random reward when using the Microwave

Here are some of the items which you can received from the Microwave.

– Angelic Blessing Recipe
– Dark Angelic Blessing Recipe
– Infinite Throwing-Knives Recipe
– Timeless Equipment Recipes
– 3 Star Enhancement Scroll
– 4 Star Enhancement Scroll
– Soul Teddy Chair
– Lord Pirate Chair
– Teddy Bear Bed
– Chaos Scroll 60%
– Miraculous Chaos Scroll 60%
– Scroll for One-Handed Weapon for ATT 100%
– Scroll for Two-Handed Weapon for ATT 100%
– Scroll for Armor for STR 100%
– Scroll for Armor for INT 100%
– Scroll for Armor for DEX 100%
– Scroll for Armor for LUK 100%
– Scroll for Accessory for STR 100%
– Scroll for Accessory for INT 100%
– Scroll for Accessory for DEX 100%
– Scroll for Accessory for LUK 100%
– And many more!

5. [System Event] Attendant Check Event (01/12/2011 – 31/12/2011)
Remember to mark your attendance with Cassandra during the month of December as she will be giving out reward box to every Mapler who complete the daily attendance quest.

This is what you have to do:

1. Talk to NPC Cassandra and receive the Attendant Check Event daily quest.

2. You are required to hunt 30 Grapes from monsters and give them to Cassandra before she mark your attendance for the day.

3. For every attendance taken, you will receive 1 Attendance Box and a grape stamped on the date which you have completed the daily attendance quest.

4. That’s not all! You will receive additional rewards when you attend the event for a certain number of days.

Grapes Belt will be given to Mapler who attended the event for 3 days, 12 days and 21 days.

Grapes Pendant will be given to Mapler who attended the event for 6 days, 15 days and 24 days.

Grapes Earrings will be given to Mapler who attended the event for 9 days, 18 days and 27 days.

Perfect Attendance Medal will be given to Mapler who attended the event for 31 days.

- I miss one of the day and I decided not to do it because it is like a "maple freak" to do EVERYDAY; it is crazy to do so because I'm rushing my assignment

5. [System Event] The Archaeologist Event (01/12/2011 – 31/12/2011)
Beside marking your attendance with Cassandra for the month of December, Gaga will also be giving out cool rewards when you collect Ancient Artifacts from monsters. Each artifacts collected from the monsters will gives you random points. You may exchange these points with Gaga for different rewards.

1. 5000 Points – Artifact Hunter Medal
2. 10000 Points – Artifact Hunt Gift Box
3. 30000 Points – Archaeologist Hat
4. 40000 Points – Archaeologist Face Paint
5. 50000 Points – Archaeologist Glasses
6. 100000 Points – Choose one of the following Permanent item.
– Archaeologist Hat
– Archaeologist Face Paint
– Archaeologist Glasses
7. Artifact Hunt Top 10 – Top Artifact Hunter Medal

6. [System Event] Christmas Season of Joy 2011 (07/12/2011 – 21/12/2011)
Suni’s family are having problems clearing their debts and need our help. If this goes on, Suni and her family will be sleeping on the streets before the New Year. However, Suni have some powerful equipments which have been accidentally enhanced by Spiruna and she is putting them up for rental to earn some meso. She needs to clear the debts as soon as possible.

From 07/12/2011 till 21/12/2011, you will be able to rent powerful equipment from Suni for a small fee.

The following Evan Series Rental Equipments are available from Suni:

• Evan Headband
• Evan Outfit(M)
• Evan Outfit(F)
• Evan Gloves
• Evan Bootes
• Evan Cape
• Maple Pyrope Magic Pendant
• Maple Pyrope Power Pendant
• Gold Source Earrings
• Gold Source Belt

Note(1): Each equipment comes with 9%, 6% and 3% potential stats of your desired attributes.
Note(2): Each rented equipment can be worn by all class.
Note(3): Each rented equipment will last for 7 days before expiry.

As a bonus from Suni, she will be changing all the rented equipments from temporary to permanent if you are able to enhance the rented weapon to 8 Stars enhancement. What’s more, Suni will reward you with 1 Miracle Cube as well for each successfully enhanced 8 Stars equipment.

In additional to this event, you will be able to purchase Lucky Enhancement Box from NPC Joyce. Each Lucky Enhancement Box will gives you random chance to obtain an Enhancement Scroll or an Advance Enhancement Scroll to assist you with enhancing your rental equipments.

- This is one of the best of all event above, and it is costly too

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Whats this @#%!

Seriously, after opening 3 acc with the hope of getting some luck on those fancy reward .. these is what I get :

1st character : Ap reset, "kitty" chat layout and gallant emblem

2nd character : Sp reset, gallant emblem

3rd character : Sp reset, gallant emblem

What bout' you guys out there ? Any luck ?

The "Hottest Hot Time Event "of the Year!

Dear Maplers!

Are you ready to participate in the HOTTEST HOT TIME EVENT of the year? Be prepared as we will be giving away a whole new tiers of items which will make this an event which you won’t want to miss!

On 11th December 2011, at exactly 1430hrs (+8 GMT) this very minute, all characters that are logged in in-game will receive a Commendation Box in their character’s inventory!


The Commendation Box contains;

1 x AP Reset Scroll image

1 X SP Reset Scroll image
1 to 3 (Random) X Gallant Emblem image

Important Notes:
• Upon receiving the SP Reset Scroll image, you will have 7 days to use it before it expired.

• When the SP Reset Scroll imageis used, it will reset all your existing Skill Points(except your beginner’s skills) back into your Skill Points Pool.

• Please take note that you have until 2359hrs (+8 GMT) on the same day to open the Commendation Box and receive the rewards for this event!

With the Gallant Emblem image, you may approach NPC Larson image located at the Battle Square to exchange for unique equipments, scrolls and many more!

Alternatively, Gallant Emblem image can be obtained from the Battle Point(BP) Exchanger.

That’s not all!

We will be giving out 2011 additional rewards for each world to random lucky Maplers when you open up the Commendation Box!



2011 lucky Maplers from each world will walk away with 1 of the following Cash Item and more.

Aurora Ring
Mu Mu the Traveling Merchant
VIP Hair Coupon
Heart Shape Quote Ring
Blackboard : for 7 day
Mystery Mastery Book
Blue Circle Chair
Black Circle Chair
Red Circle Chair
Yellow Circle Chair
Green Circle Chair
Pink Bean Chair
Special Potential Scroll (100% pass rate)
Miracle Cube
Special King Clang Transform Potion
Reindeer Transform Potion
Special Eliza Transform Potion
Special Crimson Balrog Transform Potion
Special Papulatus Transform Potion
Special Griffey Transform Potion
Special Von Leon Transform Potion
Triple Snowdrop Giant Potion
Quintuple Snowdrop Giant Potion
Storm Growth Potion
Magic Throwing Knife
Infinite Throwing Knifes
Flame Throwing Knifes
Scroll for Pet Eq for Att 60%
Scroll for Pet Eq for Magic Att 60%
Dark Angelic Blessing Recipe
Angelic Blessing Recipe

16 X Timeless Weapon (random) to 16 Lucky Maplers for each individual world!
1 X 3 Star Enhancement Scroll to 1 Luckiest Mapler for each individual world!
1 X 4 Star Enhancement Scroll to 1 Luckiest Mapler for each individual world!
I’m a Lucky Guy Medal to 1 Luckiest Mapler for each individual world!
Pink Bean Chair to 1 Luckiest Mapler for each individual world!


image      image

• 3 Star Enhancement Scroll will only enhance your equipment to maximum 3 enhancements. (3 stars)
• Equipment with 4 successful enhancement will NOT be able to use 3 Star Enhancement Scroll.

• 4 Star Enhancement Scroll will only enhance your equipment to maximum 4 enhancements. (4 stars)
• Equipment with 5 successful enhancement will NOT be able to use 4 Star Enhancement Scroll.

If your equipment has passed enhancement twice (2 stars) before you use 3 Star Enhancement Scroll.
Upon successful passing of 3 Star Enhancement Scroll, the equipment will only get additional ONE more successful enhancement to 3 stars.

If your equipment has passed enhancement four times (4 stars) before you use 4 Star Enhancement Scroll.
Upon successful passing of 4 Star Enhancement Scroll, no effect will take place at all.


• Storm Growth Potion, a potion that allow the character instantly gain a level when consumed.
• Only Character from level 30 to 199 are able to use the Storm Growth Potion.
• Usable only once per character.

Event Details and Disclaimers
• Only characters above level 30 and has completed 1st Job Advancement will receive the Commendation Box.
• In order to receive the rewards from the Commendation Box, you must not be in the MTS, Cash Shop, or on any transportation ship/boat/plane.
• We advise all Maplers to be located at a map that is not too crowded to prevent delay in receiving the Gift Box in your character’s inventory.
• You will need to have 1 free USE slot in your inventory in order to receive the Commendation Box.
• To prevent and avoid server congestion and unexpected character disconnection, we advise Maplers to open up the Commendation Box at different timings between 1445hrs to 2330hrs.
There will not be any reimbursement for loss of rewards due to any reason.

Happy Mapling!

MapleSEA Administrator

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Herbs and Veins locations

After wandering around in the Maple world, I found the following pattern for herbs and veins locations.

First of all, what determines which herbs and veins are in a map are the level(s) of the monster(s) in those map, split in 3 level ranges. If there are monsters of different ranges, the highest range is used.

Level 1-29: No herbs and veins are spawned.

Level 30-99: Which herbs and veins are spawned depends on the last number of the monster's level. For example: 30 → 0, 35 → 5, 39 → 9, 89 → 9 ect. 

Then use the following table: Number Herbs and Veins color

0,1 Silver & Magenta
2,3 Blue & Brown
4,5 Emerald & Gold
6,7 Aquamarine & Red
8,9 Black & Purple

• If there are multiple monsters in the map, herbs and veins for all those monsters are spawned. If the levels of the monsters results in herbs and veins of non-adjacent color, all colors between are also spawned.
For example, in a map spawning level 81 and 84 monsters, the herbs and veins that are spawned are: Silver & Magenta (from lvl 81 monsters), Emerald & Gold (from lvl 84 monsters) and Blue & Brown because it's in between.

Level 100-200: All these maps spawn Emerald, Gold, Aquamarine, Red, Black and Purple herbs and veins, regardless of level.

Sometimes there are less herb and vein spots than allowed herbs and veins, so it is possible you won't find a Purple Vein in the first level 100+ map you enter, but you'll encounter them in other channels.

Heartstones and Golden Flowers are spawned randomly in any map where herbs and veins spawn, albeit with a very low rate.

In this table you can see which ores/seeds/flowers drops from which herbs/veins:

Color - Ores  - Flowers & Seeds
Silver - Silver & Opal - Marjoram
Magenta - Orihalcon & Amethyst - Lavender
Blue - Steel & Sapphire - Rosemary
Brown - Bronze & Adamantium - Mandarin
Emerald - Mithril, Emerald & DEX Crystal - Lemon Balm & Peppermint
Gold - Gold & Topaz - Jasmine
Aquamarine - Aquamarine & Diamond - Tea Tree
Red - Garnet & Power Crystal - Chamomile
Black - Black Crystal & Dark Crystal - Patchouli
Purple - Litium, LUK Crystal & Wisdom Crystal - Juniper & Hissop

Monday, 21 November 2011

Frustration ..

After the Chaos patch, I notice there is certain things that I need to clarified. Take PvP for instance, you need to get at least 1k of BP in order to get a good Exp ( for 120 lv and above ). I had tried using a lower lv character for PvP and I can't manage to get close to 1k BP ..  Not EVEN CLOSE =.=!!

Then, the next problem will be farming herbs and mining ores. It is really pain in the ass as the items to make into equipment, accessories and potions + oils are expensive. Besides, you need the help of other class sometime in order to progress to the next lv faster. Take alchemy profession for instance, they can dismantle eq. on their own without extractor but not other profession. Jewelry and Eq. makers requires item crystal from dismantling found eq. or purchased eq. from NPC + the help of alchemy profession / extractor services set up by alchemy :(