Sunday, 27 November 2011

Herbs and Veins locations

After wandering around in the Maple world, I found the following pattern for herbs and veins locations.

First of all, what determines which herbs and veins are in a map are the level(s) of the monster(s) in those map, split in 3 level ranges. If there are monsters of different ranges, the highest range is used.

Level 1-29: No herbs and veins are spawned.

Level 30-99: Which herbs and veins are spawned depends on the last number of the monster's level. For example: 30 → 0, 35 → 5, 39 → 9, 89 → 9 ect. 

Then use the following table: Number Herbs and Veins color

0,1 Silver & Magenta
2,3 Blue & Brown
4,5 Emerald & Gold
6,7 Aquamarine & Red
8,9 Black & Purple

• If there are multiple monsters in the map, herbs and veins for all those monsters are spawned. If the levels of the monsters results in herbs and veins of non-adjacent color, all colors between are also spawned.
For example, in a map spawning level 81 and 84 monsters, the herbs and veins that are spawned are: Silver & Magenta (from lvl 81 monsters), Emerald & Gold (from lvl 84 monsters) and Blue & Brown because it's in between.

Level 100-200: All these maps spawn Emerald, Gold, Aquamarine, Red, Black and Purple herbs and veins, regardless of level.

Sometimes there are less herb and vein spots than allowed herbs and veins, so it is possible you won't find a Purple Vein in the first level 100+ map you enter, but you'll encounter them in other channels.

Heartstones and Golden Flowers are spawned randomly in any map where herbs and veins spawn, albeit with a very low rate.

In this table you can see which ores/seeds/flowers drops from which herbs/veins:

Color - Ores  - Flowers & Seeds
Silver - Silver & Opal - Marjoram
Magenta - Orihalcon & Amethyst - Lavender
Blue - Steel & Sapphire - Rosemary
Brown - Bronze & Adamantium - Mandarin
Emerald - Mithril, Emerald & DEX Crystal - Lemon Balm & Peppermint
Gold - Gold & Topaz - Jasmine
Aquamarine - Aquamarine & Diamond - Tea Tree
Red - Garnet & Power Crystal - Chamomile
Black - Black Crystal & Dark Crystal - Patchouli
Purple - Litium, LUK Crystal & Wisdom Crystal - Juniper & Hissop

Monday, 21 November 2011

Frustration ..

After the Chaos patch, I notice there is certain things that I need to clarified. Take PvP for instance, you need to get at least 1k of BP in order to get a good Exp ( for 120 lv and above ). I had tried using a lower lv character for PvP and I can't manage to get close to 1k BP ..  Not EVEN CLOSE =.=!!

Then, the next problem will be farming herbs and mining ores. It is really pain in the ass as the items to make into equipment, accessories and potions + oils are expensive. Besides, you need the help of other class sometime in order to progress to the next lv faster. Take alchemy profession for instance, they can dismantle eq. on their own without extractor but not other profession. Jewelry and Eq. makers requires item crystal from dismantling found eq. or purchased eq. from NPC + the help of alchemy profession / extractor services set up by alchemy :(

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

It's Finally Here!!!

Ever feel like shooting or slashing someone that you hate in-game? Want to show off how powerful your character is? Feel bored fighting and killing only monsters and wants to try something new? Well, PvP is what you are looking for and is finally here in MapleSEA. I'm excited too myself ^^... The Maker skill that we used to know has gone an overall REVAMPED! and is now a profession and not skill anymore. The details can be found in our previous post and feel free to read it if you need more informations ( Profession ). And as for starter, Asiasoft has provides quests and events which gives rewards upon completion in this Technological Age & Super Fight patch. So, what are you waiting for? Go out there and show who's the boss now.

1. Challenge Support Event (Event Period: 9/11/2011 – 30/11/2011)

To celebrate the arrival of Technological Age & Super Fight, Battle Points earned from 09th November 2011 to 30th November 2011 at 1400hrs – 2100hrs (+8GMT) will be multiplied by 1.5x.

Earn Battle Points and be rewarded!
NPC Larson

Battle Points can be converted to Gallant Emblem at the BP Exchanger located at Battle Square. With the Gallant Emblem image, you may approach NPC Larson located at the Battle Square to exchange for unique equipments, scrolls and many more!

2. Achievement Event (Event Period: 9/11/2011 – 30/11/2011)


We have prepare a list of reward quests to assist you in the Battle, approach NPC Rosette to start the chain quest now.

1. Quest will only be available to characters above level 30 and above with an 2nd job advancement. Note:
-The rewards given by each quest are random and are valid for 3 days only.
-You must complete the initial quest before able to proceed on the next quest.

3. Master Professional Event (Event Period: 9/11/2011 – 30/11/2011)

Leveling your harvesting profession & crafting level from 09th November 2011 to 30th November 2011, you will be awarded with fantastic rewards to aid in your journey. Upon leveling your harvesting profession level to level 7 you will receive the following rewards.
1. Herbalist – Special shovel and herb bag.
2. Miner – Special pickaxe and mineral bag.
Upon leveling your crafting profession level to level 5 you will receive the following rewards.
1. Alchemist – Secret Potion Recipe & Energy Drink.
2. Blacksmith – Lv. 110 Glove Crafting Recipe & Energy Drink.
3. Accessory Crafting – Lv. 110 Face Accessory Crafting Recipe & Energy Drink.

4. Profession Boom Up Event (Event Period: 9/11/2011 – 30/11/2011)


Here’s your chance to gain extra items when harvesting & crafting from 09th November 2011 to 30th November 2011. For more information on Profession System please kindly refer to the “Official MapleSEA Chaos Technological Age”. 1. 2x Chance to gain of your harvesting profession rank or higher while harvesting
2. 5x chance to earn an item of your crafting profession rank or higher while crafting.

Aside from that, players with characters above lvl 160 will find themselves a new map and bosses to fight; Gate to the Future.

[Game Content] Gate to the Future!


Still remember NPC Alex?

image NPC Alex in the future

In the future he will grew up and become the chief of Henesys, but henesys is no longer once the peaceful town we known. It have been destroyed by the Black Magician Armies.


1. Characters Lv.160 and above can travel from the Temple of Time to the new Gate to the Future.
2. The starting quest “Rumor” can be accepted through the light bulb over the character’s head.
3. You must complete certain quest in order to participate in a Cygnus Expedition.
4. The Knight Stronghold is filled with party play areas, which are similar to Lion King’s Castle. Defeating of enemies in these party areas, characters will gain 50% bonus EXP for every extra member and up to 250% bonus EXP for a party of six.

-Quest “Rumor” and “Gate to the future” must be completed in order to enter the gateway to the future.


Empress Cygnus and her knight succeeded in searching for the World Tree, but they have fallen into the Black Magician trap. The Black Magician took over their soul thus making them his puppets. The Island of Ereve lost its holy power and crashed to Victoria Island. Not long … Empress Cygnus and her knights started to invade the Maple World.

New set items which can be obtained upon defeating Bosses : Mikhail, Oz, Irena, Eckhart and Hawkeye.

Cygnus Expedition Cygnus Expedition is only available at channel 13, characters level 170 and above are able to participate.

The official website links to these patch notes:

Technological Age & Super Fight Game Client Patch

Dear Maplers,

Please be informed that there will be a Technological Age & Super Fight Game Client Patch to v1.11 on 9th November 2011 from 0900hrs – 1400hrs (+8 GMT).

Game Service for SG & MY Gateway will be down during this period of time. Please logout before this period of time to prevent any game disruption.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Server Maintenance includes:

Removal of the following in game items
1. Miraculous Chaos Scrolls
2. Miracle Scroll for Gloves for ATT
3. White Scroll
4. Pocky Chocolate (new addition as of 8th November 2011)

Ref : MapleSEA

Chaos : Technological Age & Super Fight Patch Notes

After much awaited for this patch, today will be the day to further explore the world of maple.Now we can choose a profession to harvest and craft according of chosen profession beside PvP.

Ardentmill can be located at every Major Town.


Elder of Ardentmill
Master of Alchemy
Master of Mining
Master of Smithing
Master of Jewel Crafting
Master of Herbalism


1. Profession can be learned at level 30 and above with at least a 2nd Job advancement.
2. Harvesting professions are divided into two different categories, “Herbalism” and “Mining”.
3. Furthermore there are three production professions, “Alchemy”, “Smithing” and “Accessory crafting”.
4. To Master Alchemy, it is a must to learn Herbalism. While Mining is require before Smithing / Accessory Crafting can be learned.
5. Resetting of profession can be done at each profession’s master.
6. Raising higher level mastery enable you to harvest and craft better items
7. Certain ingredients can be purchased from Nack, Ramsey or Angelica in Ardentmill while others can be obtained from monsters drop.
8. Fatigue points will be gained while performing profession skills. When the fatigue point meter are maxed, you can reduce fatigue points by using certain potions sold by Nack in Ardentmill or by using a Fatigue Reset Coupon from the Cash shop.


Harvesting of seeds and flowers located in Saffron’s Secret Herb Patch in Ardentmill and certain hunting maps can be harvested by Herbalism. Buff and transformations potions can also be created with Alchemy.

Harvesting of ores located in Cole’s Secret Mine in Ardentmill and certain hunting maps can be harvested by Mining. Equipments / Weapons / Accessories can be crafted by Smithing or Accessory Crafting.
-Level Mastery for each profession will be reset upon unlearn/reset at each profession’s master.
-Fatigue Points will also reduced by five each hour, and will be completely reset to 0 each day Midnight

Item Pot


Tired of all the battle and training? You may wish to try out the new Item Pot, just like having another companion.

Will you take care of it when its sick ? Will you feed it when its hungry ?

A) The Item Pot can contain herbs, ore, or an Imp that can be obtained from monsters over Lv.20.
B) Two types of Imps available are “Orange Imps and Gemstone Imps”.
C) By Double clicking on an Imp in your item inventory, it will automatically be transported into your Item Pot.
D) Feed and grow your Imps by feeding equipments that are of a level similar to you or by consuming monster drops.
E) Feeding an Imp will raise its Closeness for a set duration.
F) You will gain rewards by successfully raising an Imp. Better rewards are given for higher Closeness points.
G) Double click on the fully grown Imp to place it back to your item inventory.
H) When Imp gets sick, you can purchase a cure from Nack at Ardentmill.


A True Champion Dreams Only of the Battle Square by combining strength to fight against one another for honor and glory. Of course you will be reward but here is just a sneak peak

Battle Mode

To enter the Battle Square, talk to NPC Maximus that is available in most of the town.

Talk to NPC Crawson in the Battle Square to choose the type of Battle Mode that you wish to participate.



The Battle Mode comes in different category, each has its own game rules, stats, and skills are modified to create a more fair playing field. Participants are able to

• PVP against other Maplers.
• Participate in different Mode: Free-For-All and Team Match.
• Gain EXP and Battle Points.

• Character must be level 30 or higher to participate in the Battle Mode.
• Fame cannot be add/drop in the Battle Square.
• Participants are not able to open their Character Information Window in Battle Square.
• To exit the Battle Mode Zone, click the “Leave Room” button located at the bottom.

Mode Overview

There are 2 kinds of battle modes available, each with a different gameplay and excitment!

The two modes available are:



This is a battle where participants are free to attack anyone and everyone within the time limit.

• Minimum Players: 4, Maximum Players: 8
• Lives are unlimited in this battle mode.
• Defeat as much opponent as possible to earn more scores, EXP, and Battle Points.

• Participants in a party are not able to enter Free-For-All mode .
• The ranking of the participants will be display on the top right.

Team Match

This mode will split the participants into 2 teams of Red & Blue, and battle each other within the time limit.

• Minimum Players: 6, Maximum Players: 12
• Lives are unlimited in this battle mode.
• Work as a team to defeat as much opponent as possible to win.

• The team’s score will be display on the top.
• Party member will be your ally after entering this battle mode.

Battle Mode Gameplay

The gameplay in SuperFight is unique in a way that team work, good strategy and luck plays an important role too. The battle may turn out differently if one is able to react to situation that favors them.

• The match will begin after the minimum number of players have entered.
• Different effects will be displayed depending on the damage you dealt to your opponent.
• When your HP reaches 0, you will be revived in the safe area and start the battle again after three seconds.
• There are interactive objects in the PVP field which may harm or aid you.
• Regular potions and other items in your inventory will be restricted.

Consumable Item
• Unique items will spawn randomly during the battle.
• Picking them up immediately uses them. There are lots of different items; most help you, but some can hinder you.
• Random Boxes with a “?” symbol on them have various positive and negative effect when picked up.

Champion & Rage
• Occasionally, the system will name the participant with highest rank as “Champion” during the battle.
• If the “Champion” can survive for a minute, he will get extra EXP and Battle Points.
• Anyone who defeats the “Champion” within a minute can get extra EXP and Battle Points.

The rewards of Battle Mode


The Battle Points (BP) obtained from the battle can be exchange for “Gallant Emblem”. Talk to the BP Exchanger to trade your BP for the Gallant Emblem.

“Gallant Emblem” are needed to purchase Equipments, Scrolls, Recipe, and others from the Gallant Emblem Merchant.


To check your Battle EXP and Battle Points, open your character information window.